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Practical tips for those printing letters:

Formatting letters: Before pasting the letter into a Word document, choose the 'no spacing' option in Word. Enter your own address at the top, setting the left-hand margin accordingly. Remove any non-printing characters surrounding important names and either underline the names or make them bold. You can add your own heading if you wish and end the letters with, for example, Yours sincerely or similar.

You pay less postage for letters weighing under 10 grammes - the rate is given on the accompanying case sheet.

If you use an air mail envelope, the package should definitely weigh less than 10 grammes. Make sure that the envelopes are a suitable size:  we recommend size DL (220 X 110mm) for A4 size letters .

If DL airmail envelopes are not available locally, you can pick up some good bargains on the internet by doing a search online, e.g. on E-bay or from firms like Simply Envelopes or Buy Stationery. You don’t necessarily have to buy large quantities of them.

If you can't find suitable airmail envelopes, you can use ordinary envelopes with airmail stickers. Choose a lightweight one, e.g. 70 gsm. If you receive a reply to a letter, please let us know and we will inform AIUK. 

You can send copies of your letters to the embassies concerned if you wish.  Addresses are provided with the case material where possible.