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Here are just a few of the many hundreds of expressions of appreciation for our service.

Thanks and congratulations once again on your service. It was a delight to receive the update on the recent cases. It makes my small contribution seem very worthwhile.

Your service has helped me to change from Amnesty International subscriber to active member. Thank you very much, and long may you continue.

Thank you for your simple to operate, efficient system. I appreciate the opportunity to do something worthwhile in less than 5 minutes!

This is such a wonderful service - I know I would not write such good letters even if I got round to it. Thank you - and do keep going!

I think you do a fabulous service.

I am very impressed with the superb quality of the prepared letters. They are far superior - and probably far more influential - than anything I could produce.

Congratulations once again - much better letters than I can concoct.

WHAT a job you do! I never cease to be amazed and deeply appreciative. Well done indeed! - and what a gift you bring and share. Deepest thanks.

Thank you very much for this amazing service. With much admiration..

I congratulate you on this marvellous service - I am amazed at the wonderful letter-writing ability of somebody (or bodies) and although I write Urgent Actions etc. I cannot match the standard of your letters.

Thanks for superlative efficiency and courtesy.

I would like to express my appreciation of the letter-writing service. I would not have the time to compose three letters a month and my letters would not be nearly as concisely and appropriately phrased. I am very grateful to you and your colleagues.

Thank you for continuing to provide this brilliant service.

Thank you. I think your letters are excellent, as is the whole service.