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The letters are based on Amnesty International’s Worldwide Appeals, issued approximately every three months. However, you don’t have to be an Amnesty member to use the service: anyone can now strike a blow for human rights – all you need is access to the internet. There have been scores of releases of prisoners of conscience etc. over the years and many moving testimonies by released prisoners.

Sending actual letters or faxes is generally considered to be more effective than sending emails, which are easier to ignore. However, nearly all Amnesty appeals include an email address, so it is still possible to take part if you don’t have a printer.

In practice, a mixture of letters, emails and faxes is probably ideal so, if you only have the wherewithal to send emails while others post letters, that’s fine.

These days, it is also sometimes possible to campaign via Social Media or official government websites, and the relevant information is included in the case sheets where appropriate.

To use this facility, you need to know how to cut & paste text to and from the 'clipboard'. When you have generated a letter, you need to select all the text, which highlights it. The easiest way to do this is click somewhere on the text and the press A with the Control key held down. Once you have done that, press C with the Control key held down to copy the text to the clipboard, then create a Word document or email and press V with the Control key held down to paste the letter into the document. If this sounds like gobbledegook to you, I suggest you ask someone who is computer-savvy to show you. It's really very easy and you'll soon get the hang of it.

Please read the case sheets on which the letters are based (see menu bar on left). You will find the relevant email address &c at the end of each case.

Please make a payment via Debit card, Credit card or PayPal when you have generated your letters. The payment button is at the bottom of the 'Generate letters' page - you may have to scroll down and/or adjust your browser to see it. Thank you.

Guarantee of satisfation: If you pay online and then subsequently have trouble with the letters for any reason, we’ll reimburse you in full.